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It’s been over a year now since Viggo Mortensen embarked on the press circuit for Captain Fantastic, seeing Matt Ross’s second feature, Captain Fantastic, draw raves and a standing ovation at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Certainly, the year that followed has been just as welcoming. Repeatedly, Captain Fantastic has announced itself as this year’s […]

The veteran actor, up for his second Oscar nomination, tells THR why his 2016 Sundance hit is more timely than ever in the current political environment. Since The Lord of the Rings, Mortensen has shied away from blockbusters, instead opting for complex indies like A History of Violence and Eastern Promises, for which he received […]

Viggo Mortensen’s choice of roles demonstrates his broad range, eclectic point of view, and love of complex characters. In David Cronenberg films alone, he has played a hardened Russian gangster in London (2007’s “Eastern Promises”), Sigmund Freud (2011’s “A Dangerous Method”), and a quiet family man thrust into an unusual situation (2005’s “A History of […]

A version of this story on Viggo Mortensenfirst appeared in the “Dark Horses We Love” feature in The Oscar Race Begins issue of TheWrap’s Magazine. “I realize that if you look at my résumé, you might think, ‘Oh, he’s really out there in left field,’” said Viggo Mortensen with a laugh. “But I don’t think […]

On this week’s show, Jenelle Riley and I preview Variety‘s upcoming Actors on Actors showcase, which was produced over the weekend in Los Angeles. We also take stock of contenders like “Fences” and “Hidden Figures” a year after the Academy’s #OscarsSoWhite controversy. Later (20:16) I’m talking to “Captain Fantastic” star Viggo Mortensen, who some have […]

The actor, who has written several screenplays, is hoping to direct his first film by next year. Actor Viggo Mortensen met with festival attendees at a “Close Encounter” event during the Rome Film Fest on Monday night and shared that he is looking to direct his first film as early as next year. Fans came […]