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3 new HQ stills of Viggo have been added to the gallery. Gallery Link: — Captain Fantastic (2016) > Movie Stills

It may sound like a superhero movie and it may be opening in the heart of summer movie season — July 8 to be exact — but Captain Fantastic is anything but. Instead, this movie is a family drama starring Viggo Mortensen as Ben Cash, a steadfast and strict father of six — though certainly that would qualify him as […]

There’s an occasional tendency among audiences, film critics and acquisitions executives to get overly enthusiastic about Sundance movies, leading to disappointment when the film is revisited away from the altitude and the atmosphere of the festival. (Not that those first impressions can’t always be trusted – I loved “Boyhood” just as much at sea level […]

Actor and director Matt Ross returned to Sundance a cherished son, pulling double duty as writer and director on “Captain Fantastic” which premiered Saturday at Park City’s Eccles Theater. Viggo Mortensen stars as father to a clan of intellectual children living deep in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest — precocious, whip-smart, athletic and mostly […]