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Viggo Mortensen Will Celebrate His Golden Globes Nomination with a “Hobbit Reunion” in L.A.

“I’ve already heard from all the kids,” three-time Golden Globes nominee Viggo Mortensen says of the young co-stars who played his children in Captain Fantastic. “There were a few expletives.”

Mortensen was eating lunch in Spain when he learned that he’d been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama. “This was dessert,” he says.

The project was a labor of love for the Lord of the Rings star, who’s spent months traveling the country doing Q&A’s and promoting the picture’s hopeful message, which he finds both timely and timeless.

“Years down the line, I think this movie will still hold up. In fact, I think it could be a cultural marker for this year in a way,” he says. “It’s not a message movie, but it does speak to the value of communication, especially of listening to people and engaging with people you normally wouldn’t want to engage with.”

Mortensen plans to ask his 28-year-old son, Henry, to accompany him to the ceremony. He also plans to re-unite that weekend with all six of the young actors who play his kids in the film. The only complication is that he’s also planning “a Hobbit reunion,” bringing together Elijah Wood, Sean Astin__, and other Middle Earth dwellers.

“Maybe we can make them a combined event, I’m hoping,” he says. Read More

Viggo Mortensen Nominated for Golden Globe Award

The Golden Globe Award Nominations were announced yesterday and Watertown’s own Viggo Mortensen was nominated for his performance in Captain Fantastic. He was nominated for Best Actor in a motion picture feature drama. This is Mortensen’s third GG nomination, having been previously nominated in 2012 for A Dangerous Method and 2008 for Eastern Promises. Mortensen is competing with Casey Affleck for Manchester by the Sea, Denzel Washington for Fences, Joel Edgerton for Loving and Andrew Garfield for Hackshaw Ridge. Affleck is the favorite, for a film, by the way that has never come to Watertown. Luckily Captain Fantastic was here earlier this year, and I reviewed it.

Check out my original review below

The Golden Globes are decided upon by the Hollywood Foreign Press, foreign journalists that review and cover films and the film industry in Hollywood. Unlike the Oscars, the Golden Globes combine both television and feature film work. They differ also because they separate their major film categories (lead actor and actress and best film into musical/comedy and drama. Out of the ten best film nominations (five in each category) only THREE have made it to Watertown: Deadpool, Hackshaw Ridge and Florence Foster Jenkins.

Although the GG film awards can sometimes be a bellwether for the Oscars, the television categories often do not coordinate with the EMMY (television academy) awards. The Golden Globes love to reward underdogs and first season and first time nominees, whereas the EMMY’s are notorious for nominating and awarding the same actors year after year after year.

The Golden Globes will air on Sunday, January 8th at 8pm on NBC. Read More

Viggo Mortensen Signs With UTA

The actor is coming off a nomination for an Independent Spirit Award for his performance in ‘Captain Fantastic.’

Viggo Mortensen has signed with UTA, The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively learned. The actor was previously without an agent.

Mortensen is nominated for Independent Spirit, Critics Choice and Satellite awards for his quirky turn in the family dramedy Captain Fantastic. The movie premiered at Sundance in January and won the People’s Choice Award at the Rome Film Festival in October. It also garnered the audience awards at the Deauville and Karlovy Vary and Seattle International Film Festivals. In THR’s review, critic Leslie Felperin called Mortensen “charismatic as ever.”

The Manhattan native, who founded the indie publishing house Percival Press, is best known for playing the noble, kingly Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as for his collaborations with David Cronenberg. He starred in the director’s A History of Violence and A Dangerous Method as well as Eastern Promises, for which he received an Oscar nomination for his role as a (naked sauna-fighting) mob enforcer.

His other credits include Dimension’s adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, A Walk on the Moon and G.I. Jane.

Mortensen continues to be repped by manager Lynn Rawlins and attorney Stuart Rosenthal of Bloom Hergott. [Source]

‘Captain Fantastic’ Star Viggo Mortensen Recalls Early Acting Role in CBS Miniseries

Viggo Mortensen’s choice of roles demonstrates his broad range, eclectic point of view, and love of complex characters. In David Cronenberg films alone, he has played a hardened Russian gangster in London (2007’s “Eastern Promises”), Sigmund Freud (2011’s “A Dangerous Method”), and a quiet family man thrust into an unusual situation (2005’s “A History of Violence”). But perhaps Mortensen’s most famous role is that of the reluctant king, Aragorn, in “The Lord of the Rings.”

Now, he’s getting the best reviews of his career in “Captain Fantastic,” as a father raising six children off the grid who realizes that holding on too tightly to principles doesn’t always work.

Mortensen got his first mention — his name is misspelled in the credits! — in Variety on April 6, 1984, in a review of the CBS miniseries “George Washington.”

You arrived at acting later than most, as an adult.

I was 22, 23, 24, living in New York, taking acting classes. It was just something I wanted to try. “George Washington” was one of the first things I auditioned for. I only had a couple of lines. I was a French officer. I had to be on a horse the next morning to shoot my scenes.

How did that feel, landing a role in a big network show?

I think at the time I liked the idea. I figured I’d do it until I was 30 and then get a grown-up job. Read More